Tuesday’s Childe


Tuesday’s Childe is a North East theatre collective which creates challenging and innovative performances that speak to a wide audience.  Bringing together a diverse range of practitioners, we combine writing, improvisation and physical play to generate work with a unique texture.

We are currently working on Whose place?, a piece of theatre which explores the effect of changing urban surfaces upon our lives.

Our previous projects include:

Hero in a coma

DSC_0945Oliver Decius (OD to his friends) is an adventurer and boat designer. With his boatyard in trouble he sets sail across the Atlantic in a bid to showcase his latest prototype, but runs into a storm of mythic proportions which threatens to cost him not only his business but his life. When a comatose OD is rescued from the wreck his family have to face the challenges of life without him.

Hero in a Coma examined the place of heroes in the twenty-first century and considers how we can manage without them.

We presented scenes at scratch nights at Arts Centre Washington and the Customs House South Shields and held a rehearsed reading of the full script at the Bridge Hotel in September 2014. In 2015 we presented a final version of Hero in a Coma in the Bewick Hall, Newcastle City Library.

Building the Wooden ‘O’

The process of working collaboratively to devise, write and perform a piece of original theatre from scratch is challenging, exhilarating and very fulfilling.

Penny Lamport – Tuesday’s Childe

In this workshop, held the the Bewick Hall, Newcastle City Library on 29th October 2015 the members of Tuesday’s Childe explored the relationships between improvising, writing and acting.

The workshop drew on Tuesday’s Childe’s experience and examine through discussion and practical work:

  • collecting and generating material through improvisation, physicality and writing;
  • structuring material;
  • generating text for performance.

The workshop finished with a reading of pieces created during the practical exercises.

Down to the seas again

DSCN6953A selection of readings and songs looking at our relationship with the sea, presented at the Lit and Phil, Newcastle, in July 2015.