The Vault


Welcome to the Vault.

A place where old things lurk.

If you write for a while you can build up a stack of old, discarded pieces: poems which never quite made it, stories that petered out, articles that never quite made sense. I have a lot of that stuff: not world-shattering, but possibly mildly-interesting to one or two readers. I decided I might as well do something with them: so some of them may turn up here, in the Vault.

The material here in the Vault is free to download. If you enjoy reading it and would like to support my current writing projects then you can do that by Lighting the Lantern.

The Histories of the Nine Kingdoms

A series of YA fantasy novels written in the late nineteen-eighties and early nineteen-nineties: tinkered with and and finally abandoned in 2007.

  • The Carnival of Tyron.  The first volume in the series. Available in ePub and basic kindle formats (and a kindle previewer messed-about format).
  • The Scholasts of Arnelt. The unfinished second volume. Available in ePub and basic kindle formats (and a kindle previewer messed-about format).
  • The Nine Kingdoms: a guide to the series, with outlines and development notes of unwritten volumes and notes on the chronology of writing the stories. Available in ePub and kindle formats.


Some legal stuff – just so we are clear

I retain the copyright and all rights for the material I make available in The Vault. For downloads I am giving you the right to download and read the files and to pass them on in exactly the same format as you receive them, with the same restrictions imposed on anyone who receives the file. You do not have any right to modify the files or to rework or reuse the material which they contain.

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