The Secret Pages

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Welcome to the Secret Pages, a home for new and current work. The poems are available on Living Lantern only via the link for the page: the Secret Pages are not accessible from the main site menus. I’m using this method to allow limited circulation of new poems to people who might be interested. The Secret Pages are open to comment, so feel free to do so.

Currently available poems, grouped by theme or series, are:



For the patriarchy

The journey
I’m not setting out to write about my current predicament, but sometimes it just happens that I do.

On the altar


Poems written as part of the MESH and WAIT projects at City Church in 2016 and 2017.

The Ambivalent Tree


The Fig Tree


Are you going to?


And coming soon(ish)

The Major Works
Poems responding to the works of Sir Thomas Browne. The group title comes from that of the Penguin edition of his works.


Discourses of the Severed Head
A series of poems based on a incident in Welsh mythology.


Ardudwy is a stretch of the Welsh coast between the Dwyryd and Mawddach rivers. Barmouth, where my father grew up (and my parents retired to) sits at the southern end. It has turned out to be a significant landscape for me.

Port Meirion – this is the prologue to the sequence, as, strictly, Port Meirion is not in Ardudwy.



Lasynys Fawr

Moel y Gerddi


Castell Harlech

Sarn Badrig

Carneddau Hengwm

Eglwys Saint Bodfan, Llanaber

Craig y Gigfran

Gwelfor (County Stores)










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