The Secret Pages: Ty Gwyn and Davy Jones Locker

Built isolated at the river mouth,
a plotter’s morning ride from Corsygedol,
well off the cattle drovers’ mountain road
and cornered out of loyal Harlech’s sight
a home for all who would have Richard gone.
There Jasper fresh from France, lines Wales
her gentlemen behind the Tudor cause
and sets his nephew off to gain a crown.

In Davy Jones Locker plaster fish,
glass-floated nets, old lobster pots and lamps
blank out five hundred year conspiracy.
Two scoops of instant coffee from the tub,
frothed milk: a scone, a tea-cake and a bun,
and sit outside to watch the harbour work.


Ty Gwyn and Davy Jones Locker. Ty Gwyn (the White House) and Davy Jones Locker are the same place. Corsygedol: manor house of a local knight involved in the Tudor plots against Richard III.