Two verse dramas

A Grown-up Nativity

It’s dark December, let’s complain:
Why every winter tell again
how God was born in Bethlehem
to bring salvation to all men.

A Grown-up Nativity is a verse drama which draws on the tradition of the mediaeval mystery plays to tell the Christmas story in an engaging and entertaining way. Starting with the Adam and Eve, A Grown-up Nativity narrates the main events leading up to the birth of Jesus in Bethlehem, as well as the subsequent visits of the shepherds and Magi.

First performed at City Church Newcastle in December 2003.

A5 booklet. 32 pages. £2.00.  UK postage and packing: £0.75.

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Out of Egypt

Out of Egypt

We work, we wait, we work, we wait again.
And all the time the promise waits with God.
The promise of a land. A land which flows
with milk and honey, rich with wheat and oil,
where we can build our houses, till our fields,
can plant our gardens, tend our rows of beans.
Where harvest times and festivals will mark
the gifts which God has granted through the land.

A verse drama that tells the story of the Israelites’ exodus from Egypt to illustrate the events of Easter. It starts with the birth of Moses and his mother hiding him in the bullrushes, his exile from Egypt and encounter with God in the burning bush. After the plagues of Egypt – including the death of the first born the play concludes with the crossing of the Red Sea.

First performed at City Church Newcastle in March 2005.

A5 booklet. 56 pages. £3.00. UK postage and packing: £0.75.

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