Scripts for puppets

I’m part of Stringless Puppet Theatre at City Church Newcastle,  so I write some of the scripts. I’m posting them here for others to use.

Three stories from Peter

These three scripts were written for Catalyst Festival 2013. Each covers one incident in the  life of the apostle Peter:

  • Peter’s call
  • Peter’s recognition of the messiah
  • Peter’s escape from prison.

The scripts are all two handers, about four minutes each and aimed originally for 5-7s.

Three stories from Peter

The Angel in the White Suit

A version of the Christmas story, told by the angel Gabriel. It was originally written for Goathland Primary School and then adapted for puppets (if you really want to, you could compare the puppet version with the live action version). It’s written in rhyming couplets (because I can) and lasts for about fifteen minutes with songs.

The Angel in the White Suit

There’s also a video of the performance at Regent’s Chapel in 2011.

Hullabaloo 2011

Five scripts written for, and performed at Hullabaloo holiday club at Easter 2011. They cover:

The Call of Peter – video of performance

Jesus walks on water – video of performance

Peter denies Jesus – video of performance

The Resurrection – video of performance

Restoration of Peter – video of performance

Each script is about 7–10 minutes long.


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