Not Long Now

I stand before you as a living momento mori. I am acutely aware that I will die and I am also aware that you will die. That’s hardly news, but quite possibly you’ve managed to ignore it until now.


In May 2017 I received a terminal cancer diagnosis. Not Long Now is my response to that diagnosis and the drastic shortening of my life expectancy.

Not Long Now is a one-man show, which uses poetry, story-telling, puppetry and video, to address on basic question: given we are all going to die, how then shall we live?



I performed two half-hour versions of Not Long Now at the Holy Biscuit, Newcastle and The Saville Exchange, North Shields in October 2017.

The first full-length performance was at the Catalyst Festival on Monday 28th May 2018.

I am looking for further opportunities to perform the piece.