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Viking funeral

So. Not everything works out the way you want it to. That’s hardly news. But what do we do when it doesn’t? When the grant application is turned down and the project shudders to a stop? The temptation is to push on regardless, to take a ‘we’ll show the bastards’ approach. There’s so much time […]

Soup of the day

So. Having given Hero in a Coma a first public reading we (Tuesday’s Childe) are working out what to do with it next: how can we get it up to a full performance. As part of that we are reviewing the audience feedback and thinking what needs cutting, changing or developing. Now, behind our play […]

Hero in a coma

So. Tuesday’s Childe held the first public reading of our new play Hero in a coma at the Bridge Hotel. It’s an intriguing piece (I know, I of all people, shouldn’t really say that: it’s just true) which covers an awful lot of ground – and a fair bit of sea. As we described it: […]

Tuesday’s Childe

Today being Tuesday I was at Tuesday’s Childe again: that’s the collaborative theatre collective I’m part of. It was a time for re-appraisal and a spot of re-grouping, but we came out of the end of the meeting with a much clearer idea of where we were heading and how we were going to get […]

Westron wind

So, there we are, looking for songs or poems about the four winds. The North wind is easy, for it doth blow/ and what will poor robin do then, poor thing? The South wind, well, Blow the wind southerly wraps that up (and, yes, there is a faint Kathleen Ferrier-eque lilt in my head as I type […]