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National Poetry Day

So. Today (6th October – Gregorian Calendar) is National Poetry Day. Hurrah. Poetry is good enough to deserve a day. Unfortunately, I have not written a poem today: too busy working and thinking about heat loss and condensation. But I did write a poem yesterday. Normally, I would post a little bit of a poem, […]

Death comes for the Little Bear

OK, so he isn’t actually death, and he didn’t come for the Little Bear. But he could have. Yup, I’m just back from another fascinating puppetry workshop by Rene Baker at Northern Stage. Over the course of two days we looked at how to explore an object or puppet to discover its innate characteristics, (using […]

‘Shame on you red saucepan!’

A couple of weeks ago I attended a puppetry workshop at Northern Stage run by Rene Baker. A puppetry workshop without puppets. And it was absolutely astonishing. We spent two days working with materials, exploring what the materials like to do, what we could do with them and, most intriguingly, what we could do together […]