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A Christmas Garland – 3: 27 December 2014

She took the gift of world-redeeming boy and sought Elizabeth and Zechariah (now six months dumb because of angels ire). Her cousin’s infant prophet leapt for joy, within her womb his gift had found employ as ripples of the spirit stirred his fire. The quickening made Elizabeth enquire: what was this that her baby could […]

Death comes for the Little Bear

OK, so he isn’t actually death, and he didn’t come for the Little Bear. But he could have. Yup, I’m just back from another fascinating puppetry workshop by Rene Baker at Northern Stage. Over the course of two days we looked at how to explore an object or puppet to discover its innate characteristics, (using […]

Always the bridesmaid

I was down at the Cumberland Arms on Sunday, taking a part in the Improvisation Foundation Rat Race. Twelve improvisers (the ‘rats’) in a knock out competition to find the king rat. I didn’t win, but came second again. Best line of the night: What’s wrong with him? Too many kidneys. Not one of mine […]

Einstein’s banana

Another cracking improv session with Magic If last night at Live Theatre. Two hours of head-stretching learning and story-telling. Together we found the truth about Einstein and his pickled banana, Florence Nightingale and her sledge hammer, and Justin Timberlake and his swan – a very touching tale. We also learned to keep it in the box, which is […]