The Goblin of the East Hill

Like all other goblins, the Goblin of the East Hill had a simple but healthy diet. Three times a day he ate bacon and beans, which he fried up in lard in a cast-iron pan. Although he didn’t eat any bread or vegetables, the bacon and beans kept him strong and gave his skin its green glow. 

Goblin Cover

Every Friday the Goblin of the East Hill visits the Village and buys beans, bacon, beer and lard. He never buys vegetables from the Greengrocer, because goblins hate vegetables. The Greengrocer is furious and decides it is time to change the goblin’s mind.

The Butcher, the Baker and the Candlestick-maker find themselves tangled up in the Greengrocer’s plots, as the life of the Goblin of the East Hill changes forever, in a story of bacon, bread, friendship, candles, silver, envy, sandwiches and more bacon.

Ideal for readers of 6 and upwards who want to find out more about goblins.

Illustrated by Anna-Maria Glover.


Paperback: £6.99
ISBN 978-1-9996031-2-0

Ebook: £6.99
ISBN 978-1-9996031-3-7

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