Gilbert the Liar

The city of Stent sits snuggled beneath the towering slopes of Mount Stent, its walls wrapped tight in the soggy blanket of River Stent. Right in the middle of the city is St Radomir’s Square, which on market day is full of stalls, animals, selling and arguments.

On the north side of St Radomir’s Square is the Clock Tower. Everyday at noon, the mechanical figures of the red knight and the green knight come out and fight, and the green knight always wins. Above the clock is a golden disk, shaped like the sun and bearing the face of Duke Ambrosius the Brave. He looks towards the East Gate of Stent where he earned ‘the Brave’ by defeating the invading army of Shunt.

And that’s the story I’m going to tell you now.

In eighteenth-century Europe, a duke’s son flees the ancestral castle to avoid marrying the bride chosen for him. An unplanned meeting with an unreliable baker gives him the chance of a life with the girl he has fallen for, if only he can overcome his strong sense of family duty.

You can download the first few chapters here

I am currently seeking a publisher for Gilbert the Liar.