Why does anyone write? Dr Johnson said no one but a fool wrote except for money. So, I write out of folly. I write out of ignorance, to find out what I think. I write out of excitement: when the big idea wasp buzzes around my head the best way to be rid of it is to pin it to the page. I write because sometimes, very, very rarely, I think I might have something worth saying. I write with an excess of hope, but no expectation of success. I write as peacock and as ostrich. I write out of fear, because if I stop the writing I might disappear. I write because I have something even more difficult to do. I write because the world keeps giving things to write about. I write because I can’t draw, paint, sing or dance.

HE headshot My name is Huw Evans and I am a writer based in Newcastle. I’ve been writing on-and off for years, but in 2004 completed the MA in Creative Writing at Northumbria University. Since then I have written scripts and verse drama for community groups, schools and puppet theatre, and have been writing children’s books.

If you want a summary of my writing to date please have a look at my short writing CV.

Living Lantern is the place where my ‘creative’ work lives (not that the other work doesn’t involve creativity, but it’s easier for the moment to keep the two strands of my writing and work separate for the moment).


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