What is it to be human? Piece of the day – Wednesday

Exodus – Benjamin Harris
Exodus – Benjamin Harris

So. My pick for today is Exodus by Benjamin Harris, a stack of blocks, reminiscent of a child’s first building blocks, but many times bigger. Benjamin says of the work:

The typically friendly childrens’ blocks take an authoritative and sinister towering form. The parallel is drawn between the exodus/leaving from maternal dependancy/Egypt through to the symbolic realm/Wilderness of “standing on your own two feet”; simply, growing up. The blocks become representative of the assimilation of language in the child’s mind; the tangibly ‘real’ is deferred into the black and white aesthetic.

Yup. I can see that. Also, I found in the tower of blocks something of the stark leading of the pillar of cloud and pillar of fire that guided the Israelites out of Egypt in the Exodus story.

You can find better images of Exodus here, or alternatively, to be towered over, call by the Holy Biscuit, where the work is in the What Is It To Be Human exhibition until Saturday 25th July (open 11am – 4 pm).


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