What is it to be human? Piece of the day – Monday

God made man out of the dust of the earth (Genesis 2:7) – Robert Cox

So. This painting by Robert Cox one of the pieces in the What Is It To Be Human exhibition currently at the Holy Biscuit.

Rob describes it like this:

This piece is an abstract representation of the ancient Hebrew creation story. It depicts the idea that we are nothing without the breath of God breathing life and humanity into our body and soul.

I’ve picked for my piece of the day, because of the nearly-abstract blockiness of Adam as he lies there (or almost lies there because he isn’t quite himself yet) with his yellow clowns feet to the left, still part of the earth and also no longer the earth. It’s the making process that Rob has captured. Beaming down on his head are three very solid rods – surely each part of the trinity playing a part in this making.

You can view a sharper photograph of it here. Even better you can see the piece at the exhibition at the Holy Biscuit all this week. It’s open 11 am to 4 pm Tuesday 21st to Saturday 25th July.


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