Monthly Archives: July 2015

What is it to be human? Piece of the day – Saturday

So. For my last piece of the day (the exhibition closes today) I have chosen We all have a story by Emma Bird, an intricate sculpture in thin wire. Emma says this about the piece: We (being human), we laugh, we cry, we love, we are full of a range of emotions, we make things, we break things, […]

What is it to be human? Piece of the day – Friday

So. My penultimate piece of the day from the What is it to be human? exhibition. I’ve chosen Your dancing days are over by Jane Rosier. Jane says this about the painting: The title of this piece comes from a recent conversation with my orthopaedic surgeon. Your dancing days are over. His diagnosis is clear, […]

What is it to be human? Piece of the day – Thursday

So. Today’s piece is a series of six photographs by Jemma Mellor, who says this about the set: The artist is looking at the tension between our opposing desires to be in community yet also to retain our individuality. We see the benefits of being a collective, being united with others, avoiding isolation and being […]

What is it to be human? Piece of the day – Wednesday

So. My pick for today is Exodus by Benjamin Harris, a stack of blocks, reminiscent of a child’s first building blocks, but many times bigger. Benjamin says of the work: The typically friendly childrens’ blocks take an authoritative and sinister towering form. The parallel is drawn between the exodus/leaving from maternal dependancy/Egypt through to the […]

What is it to be human? Piece of the day – Tuesday

So. Here’s my pick from the WhatIsItToBeHuman exhibition for Tuesday: a double portrait by Beth Louella. Except, as Beth explains, that isn’t quite it: The painting depicts two women who look like sisters.  They are in fact the same woman (the Artist) nearly twenty years apart.  The young woman on the left is her younger […]

What is it to be human? Piece of the day – Monday

So. This painting by Robert Cox one of the pieces in the What Is It To Be Human exhibition currently at the Holy Biscuit. Rob describes it like this: This piece is an abstract representation of the ancient Hebrew creation story. It depicts the idea that we are nothing without the breath of God breathing life and […]

What is it to be human?

So. It turns out I am organising an exhibition of visual art. I have been involved with  for two years now. Back in January, Sputnik and Creative Arts Network launched a mixed-medium, open-submission project, asking artists to respond to the question WhatIsItToBeHuman? We had a great response and visual art exhibition is the touring the UK. […]