Monthly Archives: February 2015

Measuring up

So. The metre is still running. Although I’ve been writing and thinking about iambic pentameter for a while pentameter is not the only option for iambs (it is a silly looking word – like a typo for lambs). Of course, there are tetrameters, but even trimeters. But what about monometers? Lines of one iamb apiece. […]

Getting a piece of writing started

So. I run a writing group. As our current project involves working from a theme I put together a short video describing one technique for getting started when inspiration seems a long way off. There’s some really dodgy typing a few minutes in, but don’t let that put you off (assuming you can get past […]

What am I doing when I write poetry?

So. At times, things serendipitously drift together, like a twigs on a stream floating into a transient raft. This week, definitions of poet were eddying past each other. “But look there!” she resumed. “Do you see a boat with one man in it—a green and white boat?” “Yes; quite well.” “That’s a poet.” “I thought […]