Monthly Archives: January 2015

After George

So. Reading some poets is a dangerous business as they can drag your style to something closer to theirs. This week I was reading a review of a biography of George Herbert, not even a book of his poems, just a review. There was one poem quoted, but it was enough to ensnare me. The […]

Reflecting on A Christmas Garland

So. I posted the last sonnet in the Christmas Garland sequence a couple of days ago, which means it must be time to reflect upon the experience of writing. (I have also reposted the whole sequence in the right order.) I started the first sonnet on 23th December and posted it on 24th December for […]

A Christmas Garland – XII: 5 January 2015

Their tears come first, drawn by relief and joy, and then the questions: ‘what if this is wrong? You seem, beg pardon, poor.’ ‘The angel song, that drew the shepherds to the new-born boy and Gabriel’s announcement?’ They deploy the royal, priestly gifts borne for so long and kneeling worship with the angel throng. What […]

A Christmas Garland – XI: 4 January 2015

They brought the gifts of frankincense and myrrh and rode uncertain down the village street unsure of who it was they had to meet, and when they met, just how it should occur, what protocols they had to follow, were they to find the greatest king. They greet a man with adze in hand and […]

A Christmas Garland – X: 3 January 2015

The retinue of magi found their way from Babylon or Susa: we don’t know what they saw in the star that made them go, although the ever-easy course was stay to watch the stars, interpret what they say, pass on the news to others; let the flow of action carry others, just lie low. What […]

A Christmas Garland – IX: 2 January 2015

The infant grew with every passing year. His mother tends and nurtures, cares and feeds, providing all a growing infant needs. The seasons roll, he crawls, he walks: her dear makes sounds for mother, father, which come clear as month turns into month. A year recedes, the boy laps up the stories of God’s deeds. […]

A Christmas Garland – VIII: 1 January 2015

Her only answer was “I’ll play my part. The Lord, he launched salvation years ago the ship has sailed to far to have my ‘no’ deflect its course. And ‘yes’, a mother’s heart is all times open to the dark world’s dart whatever child she bore? A child will grow, will try the world to […]