Snow White, or My week in nature

Me nuts

I don’t mind nature. Quite like it. Just don’t come across a lot of it day-to-day. Except the last few days have been packed with urban sightings.

Thursday: Pulled back the bedroom curtains at 6:45. I can see the rabbit in her pen is very nervy. Then there’s a sharp, tawny face under the apple tree. A fox. I bang the window and it leaves. The rabbit calms down.

Saturday: Clearing the vegetable patch. I shift a few pieces of wood and I’m face to face with a toad as big as my fist. I don’t know who is more surprised, but I react the most. I leave it be. The next time I come back it’s scarpered.

Sunday: Up to the attic bedrooms to empty the bins. There’s a blue tit in one of the bedrooms. We have a short stand off. I open a window. It leaves. Still no idea how it got in.

Sunday again: Working in the vegetable patch and there’s a mouse wandering about, oblivious to me. Ah. Then I shift more bits of wood and the mystery of where all the nuts went from my cobnut tree is solved (see picture). All hidden and nibbled.

Monday: Out on my bike. Grey heron resting in a field.

As my daughter said, I’m like Snow White.