The borrowers

So. To the Edinburgh Fringe. At least, for an afternoon. I saw one show: Fearnot Wood staged by UCLU Runaground. This is not a review (there is no point reviewing it a month on), but  an observation on one part of the play.

As it proceeded it turned out one of the sub-plots was based on the film In Bruges. Very closely based. In fact, too closely. It is conceivable that this was sold to the director, by the author, as a witty tribute to the film, which would make the audience chuckle knowingly. Unfortunately, the two parts of the audience I was with groaned.

“But hang on,” the writer might say, “William Shakespeare borrowed all the time.”

He did. But as he borrowed he transformed. And that I think was the problem with this borrowing: there wasn’t a transformation, more of a cutting a jigsaw piece out of the film and dropping it into the play. And for me, it just didn’t work. Sorry.