Monthly Archives: September 2014

Snow White, or My week in nature

I don’t mind nature. Quite like it. Just don’t come across a lot of it day-to-day. Except the last few days have been packed with urban sightings. Thursday: Pulled back the bedroom curtains at 6:45. I can see the rabbit in her pen is very nervy. Then there’s a sharp, tawny face under the apple […]

Soup of the day

So. Having given Hero in a Coma a first public reading we (Tuesday’s Childe) are working out what to do with it next: how can we get it up to a full performance. As part of that we are reviewing the audience feedback and thinking what needs cutting, changing or developing. Now, behind our play […]

Hero in a coma

So. Tuesday’s Childe held the first public reading of our new play Hero in a coma at the Bridge Hotel. It’s an intriguing piece (I know, I of all people, shouldn’t really say that: it’s just true) which covers an awful lot of ground – and a fair bit of sea. As we described it: […]

On the train

Passenger: Any sandwiches left? Woman with trolley: I’ve only got a beef bagel. Passenger: Can I have a look at it? Woman with trolley: It’s a good-looking bagel. I presume it was, as she bought it.

The borrowers

So. To the Edinburgh Fringe. At least, for an afternoon. I saw one show: Fearnot Wood staged by UCLU Runaground. This is not a review (there is no point reviewing it a month on), but  an observation on one part of the play. As it proceeded it turned out one of the sub-plots was based […]