The day job

LL003The postman came. He delivered an envelope addressed to While that is something to do with me I didn’t know what it could be, other than a domain name renewal scam. I opened it.

It was my first ever royalty cheque for sales of radius rat my one ebook on Amazon. The grand total of £8.34, which represents six people buying it (I probably know four of them, but to the other two: thank you). That brings my royalties in this year from creative writing (as opposed to the technical writing) to over ten pounds.

I conclude three things from that: first, I’m going to be needing the day job for a while,secondly, I’m really bad at marketing and thirdly, the ebook revolution maybe hasn’t reached children’s books yet. How many children out there with credit cards and kindles? Probably not that many. How does the average e-reader screen cope with full colour illustrations?  Getting better on new models, but not so good on older ones.

I am now left with a problem: there is no bank account matching the payee name on the cheque. I’m going to have to go and talk to my bank. I worry I may not be able to get my money after all.