Monthly Archives: June 2014

The day job

The postman came. He delivered an envelope addressed to While that is something to do with me I didn’t know what it could be, other than a domain name renewal scam. I opened it. It was my first ever royalty cheque for sales of radius rat my one ebook on Amazon. The grand total of £8.34, which […]


E C Bentley. That’s who. Or more fully, and explicably, Edmund Clerihew Bentley. It’s the middle name I’m thinking about now, and not so much the man as the whimsical, four-line biographical poem named for its inventor. As you can find in Wikipedia the clerihew has an AABB rhyme scheme and an irregular metre. A clerihew […]

Then take away the line you first thought of …

The creative process is – on some levels – a weird one. Yesterday I was writing the last (but not final) scene of Hero in a Coma, the current project for Tuesday’s Childe. The scene itself is based on Odysseus’ encounter in the cyclops’ cave (if not quite Odysseus, our version of him). The underlying themes we […]

Death comes for the Little Bear

OK, so he isn’t actually death, and he didn’t come for the Little Bear. But he could have. Yup, I’m just back from another fascinating puppetry workshop by Rene Baker at Northern Stage. Over the course of two days we looked at how to explore an object or puppet to discover its innate characteristics, (using […]

Uncommon verse

Having run a session on poetry for songwriters at Catalyst Festival 2014 (about which more later) I have been keeping an eye out for interesting metre. I was glancing at a children’s book when I noticed something unusual about the metre. At first I thought it was slightly incompetent iambic verse, but, on a closer […]