Monthly Archives: June 2013

My poor face

My poor face doesn’t like what I’ve just done: it’s expecting to be on the receiving end of slammed doors, cold shoulders and scornful looks. Yes, I’m sending off The Goblin of the East Hill to agents. I think someone will like it – otherwise I wouldn’t do this – but once the submission is out there […]

Tuesday’s Childe

Today being Tuesday I was at Tuesday’s Childe again: that’s the collaborative theatre collective I’m part of. It was a time for re-appraisal and a spot of re-grouping, but we came out of the end of the meeting with a much clearer idea of where we were heading and how we were going to get […]

Westron wind

So, there we are, looking for songs or poems about the four winds. The North wind is easy, for it doth blow/ and what will poor robin do then, poor thing? The South wind, well, Blow the wind southerly wraps that up (and, yes, there is a faint Kathleen Ferrier-eque lilt in my head as I type […]

Einstein’s banana

Another cracking improv session with Magic If last night at Live Theatre. Two hours of head-stretching learning and story-telling. Together we found the truth about Einstein and his pickled banana, Florence Nightingale and her sledge hammer, and Justin Timberlake and his swan – a very touching tale. We also learned to keep it in the box, which is […]