Fairy tales from life

On Tuesday afternoon at Catalyst Festival I went to a storytelling workshop led by Anna O’Brien. She kicked it off with a very interesting exercise: take an incident from your life and turn it into a fairy tale. So, a childhood trip to see Carneddau Hengwm in North Wales turned into a quest to the Gates of Death, and a little joke about waving red wellingtons to be seen in the mist became a blood sacrifice.

The rest of the workshop was based around the Russian folk tale Little Stupid. Anna told us the story (which in her telling finished quite abruptly, with some unravelled ends) then asked us how we would finish it. There were so many different endings from the same beginning: about half went for romance and the other half for vengeance. All in all, a fascinating couple of hours.




Oh, oh, living in a field

Yup, living and posting in a very wet Warwickshire field. I’m sitting in a failing tent under persistent rain at Catalyst Festival at the Warwickshire Showground at Stoneleigh. I’m running my lines for Stringless Puppet Theatre’s last appearance at the Blaze children’s meeting.

We’ll have done three slots overall, each one an episode from the life of Peter. Today we are doing Peter’s escape from prison.